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Established in the year 2021, The SahyaTech team counts with over 20+ years of experience providing support and solutions to all business sectors. We are here to make your life easier and your company to increase productivity and more profitable

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    Why Choosing Us

    We pride ourselves on what we do and on the invaluable experience we offer. We provide our customers with smooth and user-friendly Data Solutions and ERP solutions through tailor-made applications depending on their needs.

    Our Goal

    We build affordable Enterprise solutions that simplifies business complexities, for all sectors.

    Enable all businesses to employ digital solutions for their processes, from Operations, Supply chain and to Finance
    To help businesses leverage modern technology to achieve growth
    To continuously learn and innovate to promote sustainable growth and be more responsible


    Our Vision

    To Empower Businesses across industries through digital transformation and spur their growth and success story and become a leading provider of Enterprise Solutions.

    Our Mission

    To provide superior quality, tailor made enterprise solutions that help businesses to simplify, streamline, and automate complex business processes, gain actionable insights,  increase employee productivity and satisfaction, boost revenues and profitability, provide customer delight, and tap into new markets.

    Our Values

    At Sahya, we believe that we need to align our ideas, thinking, and philosophy with time, and vary as required. However, our core values remain steadfast and unchanged, and these emphasize our commitment to our customers and work ethics and standards.

    Customer Focused

    We believe in doing the best for our customer, even if it sometimes means disagreeing with them and showing them alternatives; relentlessly striving to deliver cost-effective, bespoke solutions that fit individual business needs

    Ethics and Transparency

    We are 100% transparent in all our dealings with our customers, with no unreadable fine print; we believe in fairness, honesty and integrity


    Technological innovation is an unwavering value we are fully committed to; we strive to stay on top of cutting-edge technology to create powerful enterprise solutions that helps our customers to take their business to the next level.


    In today’s world, where human greed has led to several natural disasters, pandemic, and calamities, we believe in striving to create solutions that will enable businesses to achieve growth through sustainable methods – without compromising on quality or efficiency.